10 Items to put in your golf bag for a golf trip

More than just the usual golf bag accessories

This is not a list of what the usual items you should have in your bag for a Saturday fourball. You are going on a golf trip. You are away from home for a number of days on end. You maybe in a city hotel far away from a golf shop or a supermarket. You are socialising with your mates. You don’t have time to go out and get stuff. You have to be prepared beforehand.

1)Synthetic long sleeve jumper

Everyone knows that a classy woolen jumper starts looking like a crushed ear if it is left in your golf bag for too long. But you are away from home, you have booked and looked forward to this golf round for months in advance. And the weather changes. You have not brought a second layer. Always keep a synthetic  windcheater in your bag. They don’t dirty up and they will uncrush quickly . They will also act as a rain repellant under an umberella as well and are easier to swing in then traditional rain gear. You will warm up quickly and keep playing.

2)Include a rain glove in your bag (along with the two other golf gloves)

The variety of rain gloves has expanded in the last ten years. As you have no choice on the weather and you may have to play in anything, include a specialised rain glove in your bag, not some “all weather synthetic leather “. They are not as good if it really gets wet. Better still include two other gloves in the bag especially if you are going somewhere where it is hot and humid. I have played in conditions when the glove has become sodden in sweat.  It becomes slippery inside and useless. Have a spare one in the bag that is lightweight and breathable (Underarmour have bought out a range of lightweight and breathable gloves).

Golf glove and ball

3)Spare pairs of socks

If you are doing the 36 holes in a day, change your socks halfway through even if you are riding a cart. How you feel starts with your feet and the new socks will be softer for your feet and make you feel better. Also have multiple pairs of socks back in your bag at the hotel. A fresh pair is the beginning of a day is a fresh start for your golf game.

4)Food and water for during the round

Adam Scott once said that you should eat or drink something every hole. I  am always amazed that I never see playing partners eat anything when it may have been 5-6 hours since they have.  I always carry some salami sticks, a banana and a apple (see below) for an 18 hole round. Once you are starting to feel hungry or thirsty, it is too late. Your performance will suffer. Also choose low GI foods as they will give you sustained energy. Sweets taste good but they burn off quickly leaving you wanting more.

Golf Food

5)Small first aid kit

You may not require the triangle bandage but you should have a kit available in your bag. You should let the others in your group know that as well.  This may include some more taping, paracetamol, tweezers (for splinters) and perhaps an ice pack (if someone has a bad fall). You maybe in a far off place where the paramedics might be a long way off and your first aid kit may save the day.

6)Ball markers and plenty of them

Do you remember ,when you could use coins to mark your ball. Now cash is just so pre-COVID and you are scratching around for a ball marker. I have been using an ALDI  shopping cart tokens of late because it does fall out of my pocket. Those new ultra thin markers are just lying around the course after I walk through. Maybe for your golf trip, buy a number of them. Then you won’t be asking your partners for anything to use, even a shopping cart token!

7)Swing Aid

Your with a group of golf friends whose pre- game warm up  may differ from yours. I have had some clients turn up 90 mins before a game so they can warm up properly. Other clients just sit in the cart as their warm up. You may not be one of those but you may have to ride on the timetable of those who warm up on the first tee. Include a swing aid in your bag so if you don’t have time to go to the range or practice nets beforehand you can warm up using a swing tool whilst your playing partners are getting their coffees. Remember the golf swing is an athletic movement that you must prepare for.

Golf swing tool

8)Groove Sharpening Tool and brush

If you are playing multiple games in a row, then your clubs are going to get dirty and the grooves dulled. This is going to affect the performance of the ball. You maybe able to clean them at home before a club round but it can be difficult whilst on tour. Carry the brush and sharpening tool so you clean them quickly before and during the round.


9)Protective Pouch

Rather than have your valuable flaying around inside your bag, put them all together inside a protective pouch. Everyone knows that losing something on holidays is more a hassle and can create real problems then when you at home. I have dropped my mobile phone on the course a couple of times. That is why it is now in a red cover, so I can easily find it!

10)A bullet proof insect repellent

Your home course and even your region maybe no problem for flies and insects. You may not normally carry insect repellent. However you maybe going to a  course that has a lot of water or has had a lot of rain. Have some strong insect repellent handy. You may never use it again but it could save the golf game you have been looking forward to.  One time I travelled to Magenta Shores on the NSW Central Coast and they were having a particular bad fly season. The flies annoyed me so much , they adversly affected my game. Wish I had a stronger repellent that day.

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