and all close by to some exciting dining and after round drinks

East Quarter

Canberra has an astonishing range of dining and entertainment options. From hatted restaurants considered to be the best restaurants in regional NSW to pop-up gourmet hamburger joints. Going out for dinner is a national sport in Canberra and you are sure to find something that fits your taste and budget. Also Canberra has a strong club presence and if you like a good honest steak and chips , there are a number of high quality venues close to your accommodation and the city centre.

Its also has a burgeoning bar culture with a variety establishments starting up and thriving in the last 10 years. Inner city Braddon used to have used car lots and fast food outlets but has grown to be the happening nightlife precinct of the city. Other areas like Kingston and Manuka continue to hold their own.

And if you are a coffee aficionado, then Canberra has a thriving scene with baristas so good that they have won World and Australian championships. Is no wonder that the OECD has voted Canberra as the most livable city in the world for the last few years!

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