Sharpen the groove

Put this tool in your pocket to spin it

Tiger Woods changes his wedges every few weeks. That is because he practices so much and he wears the grooves out so quickly. You may not have the money to do that nor the equipment sponsorship deal. Everyone wants to know how the pros like hit those wedge shots that come in low, bounce up the slope and spin to a stop. That can be effective in certain situations and  impress your buddies. A part of it is technique and precise contact with the  ball and turf conditions (tight lies are best) that make a difference.   You should also use a soft cover ball (a PROV1x is a good example) But a major factor that most of our clients neglect is clean, sharp groves.

Feel the groove!

 I carry a groove sharpening tool in my pocket when I play. When ever I want to play a spinny shot, I sharpen the grooves . This is after I remove any green or dirt from the club face and then the tool will sharpen and clean the grooves to give the ball that extra zip. A number of golf retailers carry such a tool and like your ball markers and tees, it goes into your pocket before the round.  To get the ball to check is really effective when you chipping up the slope of the green and there is a little bit of moisture in the green. It is handy for chipping over undulations in the green  or you want to run it over a tier and stop in dead. If you want to know how to hit those shots, check out this vid .Otherwise check out this one below

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