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We understand that privacy is an important issue for individuals. Please note that,
as a “small business”, We have not formally “opted in” to compliance with the
Privacy Act, but wish to assure those who have dealings with Us of Our policies and
procedures in the handling of Personal Information and to give individuals assurance
that We will take reasonable steps (as outlined in this document) to protect the
privacy of Personal Information that we collect.
In any particular case we will be happy to provide further detail of our treatment of
Personal Information, subject to the sensitivity of commercial matters, our
obligations of confidentiality, and the sensible restraints of security.
Also, We aim to improve Our protection of privacy and this policy may change over

In this Policy, the following words and expressions have the following respective
Act means the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).
Personal Information means information which identifies (or can reasonably be
used to identify) an individual.
Privacy Principle means the “Australian Privacy Principles” as set out in the Act.
Sensitive Information means Personal Information concerning (or that implies) an
individual’s health status or illness, philosophical, religious or ethnic background,
membership of a professional or trade association.
We, Our and Us and cognate expressions means Mundang Pty Ltd (ABN 32 627 086
104) trading as Classic Capital Golf Tours.

It is the responsibility of all of Our staff to comply with privacy laws and this policy.
We will conduct periodic training in and obtain professional advice on the
management of Personal Information for Our staff.
If We consider that We need the consent of an individual in relation to Personal
Information, We will not put undue pressure on the individual to give consent. We
will make reasonable endeavours to ensure that individuals can make an informed
and voluntary decision.
The kinds of Personal Information We collect, the way We collect it and Our
purpose of doing so depends on a variety of circumstances, including the nature of
Our interaction with that person. The individuals from/about whom We collect
information fall into the following main categories:
· clients who may be booking the tours that We offer or otherwise acquiring or
proposing to acquire Our services; and
· suppliers and contractors with which we engage to provide goods and services
to our clients; and
· suppliers of goods and services to Us.
What information do We collect?
We usually only collect names, addresses, phone numbers and email details. In the
case of Our clients, We also collect some Sensitive Information, including weight
and concerning relevant health issues and whether Our clients have food allergies
or preferences – see below.
Pictures and videos
In addition, We may take pictures (“stills” and video) of Our clients while they are
enjoying Our Tours for use in Our marketing materials, including Our website. A
consent for Us to do this is contained in Our terms and conditions of booking a tour.
If We do take such pictures or make a video of you and include it in our marketing
and promotional materials, We will not identify you by name unless we obtain your
express consent.
If you do not wish to give such consent, please notify Us and We will respect that
wish, despite the consent in our terms and conditions.
Purpose of collection of Personal Information

We collect Personal Information for the purposes of providing Our services and to
enable Us to manage Our commercial relationship with Our clients, contractors and
We may also retain the information provided to Us so that We can let individuals
know of Our services and any relevant news on Our tours and activities. As noted
above, pictures and videos may be collected for marketing purposes.
As noted above, We may collect Sensitive information from Our clients, such as:
 weight – for the purposes of advising and enabling the helicopter company to
calculate flight-loads;
 health issues that may be relevant to air travel – again for the purpose of
advising the helicopter company;
 dietary requirements that may be related to health issues or
religious/cultural/philosophical beliefs so We can advise the restaurant which
you may be visiting on your tour; and
How do We collect Personal Information?
Usually, We collect Personal Information about individuals when they contact Us
and We usually collect it direct from the individuals – by phone, email and in face-
to-face meetings. In some instances, We collect information about members of a
proposed tour group from one member of the group. In that event We will assume
that you have consented to that person passing on your Personal Information to Us.
In the case of pictures for marketing purposes, We may take pictures or make
videos at any time during a tour.
We hold the Personal Information We collect in a variety of ways, including on Our
electronic (computer) database and, in some cases also on file in hard copy.
We have adopted various security measures to protect this information from
unauthorised access (see below).
Clients: – We will disclose the Personal Information of Our clients to third parties as
they would reasonably expect in the provision of Our services – for example, to
suppliers that We engage to arrange Our tours, such as the helicopter company,
road transport providers and restaurants involved in the relevant tour. If you
provide Us with your Personal Information We will assume that you consent to Us
disclosing that information to those relevant contracted suppliers.
If you advise Us of health issues, food or dietary issues/preferences, We also
assume that you consent to Our disclosure of that information to contracted

suppliers – (as noted above) in the interests of your safety and so We can arrange
the supply of culturally sensitive goods or services to you.
Clients and all others:
We may from time to time out-source management of certain administrative
functions, such as:
 Our website and other information technology, including Our data-base of
contacts and clients; and
 marketing; and
 accounting.
In such cases the external service provider may have access to the Personal
Information We hold. In such cases it is Our policy to include, where commercially
possible, appropriate and agreed, provisions in the contract with the service
provider that obliges the service provider to comply with Our privacy policy and to
comply with the Privacy Act and Australian Privacy Principles.
We may also disclose your Personal Information to Our professional advisers, such
as Our lawyers in any case where We need to seek advice.
Apart from disclosure to third parties that would be reasonably expected and is
reasonably necessary to conduct Our work, We will not otherwise disclose an
individual’s Personal Information to other third parties unless:
 We have the individual’s consent;
 making the disclosure is related to the primary purpose for which We have
collected the information and We deem that the individual would reasonably
have expected Us to make the disclosure;
 We are required to do so by law, in which case We would inform the
individual unless doing so itself is unlawful or would impede or defeat the
purpose of the disclosure; or
 We are negotiating a sale of Our business, in which case We will disclose the
information only if the other party with whom We are negotiating agrees to
refrain from use of the information until it completes the purchase.
We will never sell an individual’s Personal Information unless We have the
individual’s express consent, or the sale is part of a sale of Our business or a part of
Our business.
We will ordinarily only disclose Personal Information to a person outside Australia in
the process of taking a booking for a tour from someone located outside Australia.

It is not appropriate in this Policy to provide specific details of security measures
We have adopted to protect the privacy of Personal information We hold. To do so
could compromise those security measures.
We will use an appropriate combination of:
 physical measures including locks and physical barriers;
 alarm systems;
 access technology, password systems and encryption where appropriate; and
 administrative protocols,
to exclude unauthorised persons or intruders from gaining access to the Personal
Information We hold.
We have acquired and will continue to acquire (reasonably within Our means)
computer technology and other appropriate technology, such as password security
protocols and "fire-walls" to prevent or discourage unauthorised access into Our computer system.
We will provide individuals access to the Personal Information which We hold about
them unless:
 providing access would unreasonably be to the detriment of the privacy of
another individual;
 the request is frivolous or vexatious;
 the requested information relates to existing or anticipated legal proceedings
between Us and the individual;
 giving access would reveal Our intentions in relation to negotiations with the
individual and prejudice those negotiations;
 providing access would be unlawful or if denying access is required or
authorised under law; or
 the Act (if it applied) would allow Us to deny access to some or all of the
Personal Information concerned.
This is not an exhaustive list of circumstances where We may reserve the right to
deny access.
When an individual requests access to Personal Information, We require a written
We will respond to requests for access as soon as possible and will acknowledge the
request within 14 days and deal with it within 30 days or earlier. Though We may
ask, We will not require an explanation of why the request has been made as a pre-
requisite to giving access. We will not charge a fee for access.

If We determine to deny access to the whole or part of Personal Information
requested, We will provide a short explanation, but We will not provide details of
Our reasoning.
We will not use government identifiers such as tax file numbers or Medicare
numbers as a means of identifying an individual.
Given the personal nature of Our services, it is not normally appropriate for
individuals to remain anonymous in their dealings with Us. If We conduct a survey,
usually We will not ask for Personal information that will identify the individual.
If an individual:
· has an enquiry about Our information management or privacy procedures;
· wishes to request access to Personal Information;
· wishes to see a copy of this Policy document; or
· wishes to make a complaint about Our handling of Personal Information
that person can contact Us by the following means:
Phone: [insert preferred phone number]
Fax: [insert preferred fax number]
Email: admin@classiccapitalgolf.com.au
Postal Address: Classic Capital Golf Tours 11 Mundang Cres, Ngunnawal ACT
2913, Attention: The Privacy Officer
Complaints about privacy should be made in writing. This will allow Us to deal with
complaints in a professional, sensitive and consistent manner.
We will acknowledge receipt of a request within 14 days of receiving it and We will
respond within 30 days of receipt. We will also do Our best to deal with the
complaint within that time, assuming that We are able to investigate and ascertain
the necessary facts in that time. We will let you know if it is likely to take much
Complainants will be given an opportunity to put their complaint in writing, to
propose a remedy for the complaint and to discuss the matter with Us.
We will determine, in the case of each complaint (if any), what is to be done, if
anything, to redress the complaint. Also, We will assess whether the complaint

demonstrates a systemic problem and will decide to how We can address/rectify